Welcome To Kulturföreningen Levande Betong

We are a non-profit organisation located in Gothenburg-Sweden.

Our goal is to help members to organize cultural projects and activities of all sorts.


We Are

KLB is a non-profit organization that support it's members to create cultural projects from all sorts.

Our goals

We strive to motivate / teach / lead you as our member in order to be self productive no matter what kind of culture you are passionate about.


Our organisation is over 40 years old and our network is as wide as it can be! As a member you get to network with multiple artists, famous figures and leaders of national and international organisations.


Each project has its own plan and budget. We can give you tips and advice on how to create an application to various funds and how to get / contact sponsors and partners

Do what you love most!

Do you want to create a music concert, a festival, a tournament, produce music, travel the world, film or play theater? We can help you with that!

Add it to your CV!

Whatever you do in our organization you may add it to your CV! As a leader you have the possibility go on courses and work together with professionals in local and international projects.

Our Projects


Gamerz Club

April 28, 2016
Gamerz Club focus on creating a physical meeting place for teenagers with interests for Esports and other kind of gaming regardless of gender, sexual orientation, creed, ethnicity, economic status and social

Biowall Project

March 31, 2016
Biowall ProjectAlso known as Biowall Community Biowall is a cooperative community that stands for integration and diversity. Biowall was created to support cultural content creators such as youtubers, film makers, streamers, gamers, bands and music producers and more. The main goal is to build a

Sponsorer & Samarbetspartners

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