Welcome To Kulturföreningen Levande Betong

We are a non-profit organisation located in Gothenburg-Sweden.

Our goal is to help members to organize cultural projects and activities of all sorts.

Biowall Project

Also known as Biowall Community

What is Biowall Project?

Biowall is a cooperative community that stands for integration and diversity. Biowall was created to support cultural content creators such as youtubers, film makers, streamers, gamers, bands and music producers and more. The main goal is to build a cultural community together with other organizations and individuals in Gothenburg, Sweden and the rest of the world.


Why is this project needed? Biowall gives a unique chance to content creators to receive necessary aid to complete their projects. Biowall gives the opportunity to interact and communicate with people from around the globe. An opportunity to collaborate with other organizations/companies who share our values. Why are we running this project? Kulturföreningen Levande Betong is a non-profit organization that works with cultural and social projects that benefits society. The organization worked on an experiment to define the difficulty of running an online cultural project such as a Youtube channel, musical project, streaming channel and much more during 1 year. The results of the research showed that there is a high demand of help to market projects. There are very few tools available and a statistic show that out of 100 teenagers only 1 succeed to make a living of their creation in a long term of 3 to 4 years of work.


Biowall has a vision that organizing gamers, music/video/film producers and digital artists of all sorts under one roof will benefit the community as a whole and also benefit each individual person and organization involved in the project. We want to create an interactive platform for individuals and organizations. The platform is based on: Collaboration between content creators. Meeting ground for content creators. Network between content creators and organizations. Network between organizations. Tools and resources both online and locally. Content creators personal development.
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