Welcome To Kulturföreningen Levande Betong

We are a non-profit organisation located in Gothenburg-Sweden.

Our goal is to help members to organize cultural projects and activities of all sorts.

Statutes Kulturföreningen Levande Betong

Organisation nr. 8024401070

§ 1 Name and location
The name of the association is Kulturföreningen Levande Betong.
The association has it's headquarters in Gothenburg - Sweden.

§ 2 Organisation type
The association is non-profit, religiously and politically independent.

§ 3 Purpose
The association mainly works to promote a vibrant cultural life by and for young people. The association will actively work on creating and organizing cultural events and activities of various kinds mainly in Gothenburg.

§ 4 Membership
The association is open to all who accept the statutes of the association and pay it's membership fee. The fee is determined by the annual meeting.
Members who oppose the association's objective or in any way act contrary to association's goals may be excluded. Exclusion decision is taken by the board and requires ¾ majority.

§ 5 Support members
The association is open to support members. Support members are entitled to vote at annual meetings however, not vote at board meetings but have the opportunity to submit proposals and motions and attend these meetings.

§ 6 Governing bodies
The association's decision-making body is the annual meeting, extra annual meeting and board meeting.
The Board shall seek as much consensus as possible through openness and discussion. The highest decision-making body is the annual meeting. The annual meeting will be held before the end of April.
The members called minst14 days before the annual meeting. Members may at any time, but no later than 10 days before the annual meeting to give suggestions on matters to be considered at the annual meeting. Suggested agenda with other decision support given at least 7 days before the annual meeting.
At the Annual Meeting, the following matters:
1. Opening of the meeting.
2. Election of a chairman, secretary and adjusters.
3. Annual Report.
4. Financial report
5. Adoption of the statute.
6. Election of the President.
7. Election of the treasurer, who is also signatory.
8. Election of additional signatories.
9. Election of the other members.
10. Election of auditor.
11. Determination of the annual fee.
12. Resolution on the membership of MOKS, Sport and Society Administration and
13. The next board meeting.
14. The meeting concluded.
The annual meeting is quorate if it is registered convened. Decisions are taken by simple
majority unless otherwise stipulated. At equality of votes, the Chairman shall decide.

§7 Extra Annual Meeting
Extra Annual Meeting shall be convened if the association Accountant, the Board or at least one third part of the association's members so require. Notice of extra Annual Meeting should be distributed in writing to each member at least two (2) weeks in advance.

Agenda proposal and decisions should be sent at the same time as the notice.

Extra Annual Meeting may deal only with issues that cause the convocation. In addition, pusuant to §4 of these statutes.

§8 Form of decisions
Only the members present are entitled to vote.

Decisions are made by well-cry or show of hands after a request for a vote. Voting is open unless otherwise states. At equality of votes, the Chairman shall decide. Abstentions are not counted. 2/3 of the members must be present for the Board shall constitute a quorum.


§ 9 Signatories
The Board appoints two members to sign for the firm separately.



§ 10 Financial years
The association's fiscal year coincides with the calendar year, from 06/28/2013.


§ 11 Bylaws
Statutes takes place following a decision by at least two thirds-majority vote in two consecutive membership meetings, between which it has gone at least 1 month.


§ 12 Dissolution
Dissolution takes place after the decision on two consecutive membership meetings including one regular annual meeting, from which it passed at least two (2) months.

Dissolving the association distributed any leftover funds to the Youth Center West (Ungdomssatssningen Väster). If this is not possible then the assets should be allocated to an organization or association with similar aims. The last Annual Meeting decides on the division.

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